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Why should a positive candidate experience be your priority?

When companies make a mess of the candidate experience, it’s not just the loss of a good potential employee they’re left to contend with. It’s also the unanticipated (and inevitable) effect of negative job board reviews or bad experience reports back to recruiters. Both jeopardize the company’s ability to attract top talent. Granted, businesses don’t [...]


WHY ARE YOU DOING YOUR OWN RECRUITING? To save money, or because you think you can do a better job? Why, doing recruiting yourself can sometimes go wrong:   1. You've had no recruitment or interview training and therefore are not sure how to carry out a formal interview. 2. You rely on gut feeling [...]

Onsite vs Remote Work vs Hybrid

Introduction  Over the last few years, where and how we work have shifted dramatically. Employees working from home for a few days and in the office for a few days is now common in hybrid-style work arrangements. And more and more businesses have realised the advantages of being completely remote. Furthermore, people all over the [...]

top qualities of a leading recruitment agency

There are hundreds, even thousands of staffing organizations in the market today. However, no matter how accessible organizations are, finding the best solution to solve your problem and provide your organization with great capacity is the use of MB services. .   The short-term recruitment organization you decide to work with should clearly understand your [...]

Remote Staff Hire in gulf countries

Remote workers are used by a wide range of large and small businesses to increase operational efficiency by hiring people on a temporary basis. Businesses have benefited from remote labor in terms of shorter turnaround times, higher productivity, and lower total operating costs. As the need for remote workers has increased, clients have higher expectations [...]

The difference between blue collar workers and white collar workers , A pink-collar worker .

Blue collar workers and white collar workers are two distinct categories in the labor force. Blue collar workers typically engage in manual labor and are involved in jobs that require physical skills and expertise, such as construction workers, factory workers, mechanics, and electricians. On the other hand, white collar workers are involved in professional, managerial, [...]

أنواع العمالة و الموظفين التي نوفرها

  .توفر مجموعة شركات "ام بي للخدمات" جميع التخصصات من 14+ دولة حول العالم تزويد الايدي العاملة المحلية   تزويد الايدي العاملة المحلية يشير إلى توظيف العاملين الذين ينحدرون من نفس البلد أو المنطقة التي يعمل فيها العمل. وهذا يشمل المواطنين والمقيمين الذين يملكون تصريح عمل صالح في تلك البلد تزويد الايدي العاملة المحلية لها العديد [...]

Why you should choice MB Services

why the client select our company for hiring staff !! in Germany , Italy , Serbia , Albania , Romania , Poland , Finland , Sweden , UK , franca , Norway , Denmark , Japan , India , Maldives , Russia .Gulf country “ UAE , Qatar , KSA , Kuwait , Oman , Bahrain “ , Libya , Sudan , south Africa , Tunisia , Morocco .

Professional Workers in all fields

we are providing specialties we are providing the below for work on site /Engineers / Management and HR/Technical and IT /Finance / Teachers/ Construction staff /Oil and Gas / Airline staff / Sales team and marketing /Sports coaches /Marine staff / Maintenance staff / Hospitality staff / Cruise staff / Driver / PROFESSIONAL AND UNPROFESSIONAL [...]

How to Grow the Efficiency of Your Recruiting and Sourcing Process

When it comes to managing the workforce efficiently, the concept of agency manpower is essential for many organizations. Agency manpower refers to the practice of outsourcing some or all of the recruitment and staffing processes to a specialized agency. This allows businesses to leverage the expertise and resources of these agencies, ensuring they have access [...]