The difference between blue collar workers and white collar workers , A pink-collar worker .

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Blue collar workers and white collar workers are two distinct categories in the labor force.
Blue collar workers typically engage in manual labor and are involved in jobs that require physical skills and expertise, such as construction workers, factory workers, mechanics, and electricians.

On the other hand, white collar workers are involved in professional, managerial, or administrative roles that require mental or analytical skills. These roles include professionals in fields such as business, finance, law, medicine, engineering, and education.
While blue collar workers often work more with their hands and are paid on an hourly basis, white collar workers usually work in office settings and are often paid a salary. The difference between blue collar and white collar work is primarily based on the nature of the job, the skills required, and the level of education or training needed.

In addition to blue-collar and white-collar jobs, there is also the concept of a pink-collar worker.
A pink-collar worker refers to a person, usually female, employed in occupations that are traditionally associated with women, such as nursing, teaching, customer service, or administrative support or Housemaid . These occupations are often characterized by lower wages, limited opportunities for advancement, and a higher representation of women in the workforce.

 MB services Jobs providing blue and white collar and  A pink-collar worker , black collar staff   .

our White collar staff  from Africa and Asia and Europe and USA

  • IT  staff
  • engineer staff
  • management staff
  • sales and retail staff

our Blue staff  from Africa and Asia

  • constriction staff
  • F&B staff
  • drivers Staff
  • clearing staff
  • farmer staff
  •  stocker staff

our A pink-collar worker 

  • housmaid 
  • care giver

our black collar staff 

  • oil and gas staff
  • plumbers staff
  • electricians staff
  • mechanics staff
  • factory workers

and more